Reverse an ended production order


In AX 2009, is it possible to reverse an Ended production order? Our client would like to post a route card journal to an “Ended” production order.


No, simply not possible because of everything it does at ended. Once ended there is no going back and no posting to the order. They need to adjust the cost through the inventory close, that is the only option now, which is why the ending process is critical to establish control and procedures.

Is it possible to get the correct cost on a reversed BOM journal/Production order when an inventory close is performed?

Consider the below scenario (AX 4.0):

I have an Item Y which is made from item X (1:1 quantity in BOM). I have the following purchases on item X:

  1. Date = 1st Jan, Quantity = 10, Cost amount = 20

  2. Date = 2nd Jan, Quantity = 10 Cost amount = 10

Now on 3rd Jan I post a BOM journal (using the ‘Report as finished’ option in the Item master>BOM>Report as finished) for 4 units of Y. Stock transactions are as below:

  1. Date = 3rd Jan, item = Y, Quantity = 4, Cost amount= 60

  2. Date = 3rd Jan, Item = X Quantity = -4 Cost amount = -60

On 4th Jan, I reverse the above (again through ‘Report as finished’ but this time selecting the return lot field as the previous transaction) for the same quantity. Stock transactions:

  1. Date 4th Jan, Item = Y, Quantity = -4 Cost amount = - 60

  2. Date 4th Jan, Item = X, Quantity = 4 Cost amount = 60

On 5th Jan, I run the inventory recalculation.

I see that in transactions 3, 4, 5, there is an adjustment of 20 which is good. But in transaction 6, there is no adjustment in the cost amount. This missing 20 in the production receipt account is causing me problem. Please let me know if there is any solution.

Hi Adam, I have a similar situation in AX 2012 that the BoM isn’t configured correctly but one of the user already put the order through to end. is there an option in inventory value/conflict report that would allow us to make adjustments?

I answered on your other post.