Reversal posting to Table 17


I have been looking at revered entries on table 17.The amount field is posted righly with Dr Being +ve value and Cr being -ve value.When i look at Amount Dr and Amount Cr fields the revered amonuts are posted with the sign before the valeus.I expect the values on these two fields to be absolute.

If you look at codeunit 12 for the posting this is part of the code

GLEntry.“Debit Amount” := -“Debit Amount”;
GLEntry.“Credit Amount” := -“Credit Amount”;
GLEntry.“Additional-Currency Amount” := -“Additional-Currency Amount”;
GLEntry.“Add.-Currency Debit Amount” := -“Add.-Currency Debit Amount”;
GLEntry.“Add.-Currency Credit Amount” := -“Add.-Currency Credit Amount”;

It seems to me there is a problem here on the use of signs.

Could somebody clear the air for me.