Reversal Entry process question

Hi all!

My customer has asked me the next task, if you remember when you post a Reversal Process on any transaction you have on your NAV database it uses the Posting Date of the posted document for this process, well my customer wants to modify it doing this, posting a Reversal Entry but it wants to use the Work Date as the new Posting Date instead of the original Posting Date.

But I’m wondering if this change wouldn’t modify anything on the Balances for each one of the Accounts in the COA or something else for the Financial module, I’m not convinced on modifying this functionality, but I wanted to ask first.

If you can give me some advice on this it would be greatly appreciated, receive kind regards.


What you are asking it’s a feature already implemented in Portuguese localization. If you have access to partnresource download a Portuguese version, open General Ledger Setup and check field “Use Workdate in Reversal”

Hi Nuno!

Thank you for your reply, just want to ask you a few things, this Portuguese localization, which features does it has? Do this localization would make me to setup anything else on the General Ledger Setup or anywhere else? What would it change besides this Reversal Entry feature? What would you suggest me to do with this process? I ask all this 'cause in the case that use it it’ll be implemented in Saudi and I wouldn’t like to affect too much of other features in the database.

Thanks in advanced and receive many regards.

I don’t need all the features of PT localization. In every localization there are many features related to a country. That particular feature that you were requesting it’s already implemented in PT so you take a look. In realty it’s only 2 lines of code. If Microsoft had that feature I could say that it’s safe to implemented in that particular customer.