Revaluation Journal - Warning message!

Hi everybody,

Actually, i am running revaluation journal to correct the opening inventory(posted with a positive adjmt). I need to correct the unit cost for each item because it is posted zero.

When I run rev.journal the message appears"You cannot revalue individual item ledger entries for items that use the average cost method"

We are using Nav 2013 R2.

Has anyone encounter this message, if so what does it mean?

Is there any other way I can adjust the unit cost for those entries?

I tried posting a neg.admt on the opening date and enter the same positive adjmt with the exact unit costs the next date, but the negative adjmt cost was revalued with the next valuation date.

Any help would be much appreciated,


Which build are you using? Please check the cumulative update 9 for NAV 2013 R2 since the KB no. 359734 was included to solve this issue.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your reply.We will try your solution and let you know.




Once again, thank you. It worked just fine