Reuse of Rejected Assembled Item

Hi ,
Client want to Reuse of assembled part of any machinery refused by the customer.
How the system will suggest and behave the reusability of million parts and their effect across the system ?



When it is refused it is returned, it is in the system via the returns process, possibly quarantine or quality checked, and then can be reused. What is your issue?

hi ,

I want to this rejected assembeld part in two way :-

i) De-assembled the whole assembly and replace the faulty item .

ii) De-Assembled not require ,only a single part (rejected) will replace with new one .

Is this case of rework ?

How would be put rework cost on the item ? What is the correct way to load cost on the item?

Awaiting for your reply.



Only the system with process manufacturing can handle these issues.

i) You need to define a process for De-Assembly.

ii) You can make use of re-work batch orders

You can still do this with standard, but the disassemble via a BOM journal.

Bring it back in via return orders, associated quarantine and quality orders are process. Once in stock a separate warehouse is better.

Disassemble via a BOM journal (-ve) if this does not do it you need to do it manually.

If no disassemble load the item onto a production order, use a blank BOM, add itself in, define a route, consume additional parts, book into stock.

Alternatively to do it much cleaner by Process as Kranthi states. Parts of it as standard in AX2012.

I have case,

What if I’m rejecting my Production item via quality order, and want to reuse it as raw material…??