returned order show applies to document no empty after returned why

When i want to return invoiced sales order it is accept to return more times and applied to entry no is blank

how i know which document sales invoice returned

and how to block invoiced sales order from returned more time

if possible help me

why applies to document no blank

and how to prevent or block invoiced sales order from returned more time

Applied to document no is blank when i make return order

and if no applies to document no it is accept

how this happen and how to block return order without it has applies to document no blank

How i know applies to doc no and why it is blank

Are this technical problem or what

please help me in that

i have navision 2009 r2

have two fields applies to doc no doc type

and i return order using copy document

and how navision accept that and document rerurned not include posted invoice returned

please help me

It is clear from your screenshot that Document is not applied during Sales Credit Memo .

If it is not applied then how you can get the same ??

Thank you for reply

More entries i see applied to doc no and document type without applied credit memo

and how to apply using credit memo

can you tell me how to apply documents

You need to apply from customer ledger entries.

Functions–Apply Entries.

Select invoice and then click on Apply entries and select credit memo .

Thank you for reply

this is before i make return order to specified invoice or after i make return order

Before you post return order apply entry to specific item line with correct document no.

ok thank you for reply

but some times some people forget and return unapplied entries for more times and it accept

how to prevent unapplied entries from display or show when i make return order by credit memo copy document

if you have any ways possible for this