returned good order


here is the question: i need to change the account into a returned good order but no way to do this. Anyone can summarize the basic steps?

Thanks in advance


Can you give more details… how are you returning goods and what type of return order it is?

Also, by account are you referring to general ledger account or something else?


A customer of mine is returning me back some goods as scraps. As these are referring to the previous year I need to change the account (of general ledger)


You need to create “Return order” in AR and specify disposition code in it and post it.


Are you referring to the inventory account here? When you post return order, system will create entries as per posting setup.

That’s it but i can’t change generale ledger account and VAT.

If i understood your problem, you want that when SO return is posted, the inventory account shouldn’t be hit and should hit another ledger which you want to manually specify and same with VAT account.

If this is so, then there are two options:

  1. Use the same account setup and let the entry be posted. After that, create a manual entry and adjust the ledgers. For inventory use movement journal with offset to scrap account and for VAT use general journal.

  2. Temporary change the account setup and do the posting. This should be avoided if possible.

In either case, first do the testing in test environment, get it verified and then do the same in production.