Return the product to the production line.

Hi Gurus,

Just need your suggestion about the how to return the product to the production line again.

My client has a requirement like this, when the worker report the product as finished, these products will be sent to do the quarantine check, if some of them not passing the quarantine check, they will be returned to the production line and the worker will retrofit the product again ,then report as finished once again.

How to deal with this kind of requirement ?

many thanks.

Assuming this is AX 2012, you should consider the “Rework batch” option, you can see this when you create a new batch order, this function allows you to select a finished product to be processed again.

But this is only for Formula items and not for BOM items. I think we should just post extra consumption for item/work centre and then end the production order. Before this, we need to block the BOM item that has been Reported as finished from picking against inventory issues.

Well, it is not specified if it is BOM or Formula items, if they are in the analysis phase formula items can still be considered.