Return Order

There is a function on the return order to move negative line, and then create a Purchase order / invoice for it. Can I know from the created PO which return order it refers to? Because we want to make sure the return order and the purchase order (which replace the returned items) are invoiced at the same date so that the cost will not be affected, as we applied weighted average costing in our system.


I am not sure you can know but you can customize it, when you move negative lines, take the return order code with it.

Imran is correct, it does not reference it, it simply creates it. Have you looked at the applies-to fields where you could apply the return to the outbound, and couple with exact cost reversing this should handle your cost issues, I will say should as it is average costing and Nav, so you never know!

Thanks for your reply first.

I checked the app.-to item entry in the return order, it’s already linked to the posted purchase receipt. I tried to check in the created PO, and there is a field “Last Return Shipment No.”. Do you think this field can help to refer to the return order?

Yes, we applied exact cost reversing, but also expected cost posting. Should we only post the return order and new PO as invoiced only when the original PO is invoiced?

With the applies-to entry I believe you would need, on the purchase return, to associate it with the purchase receipt, there is no need to refer the purchase order back to the return order, referencing the return order to the purchase order will get the cost. You can also use the applies-to on the header to define it to an invoice so it is not in the payment run.

The costs of the return, I believe, will be at the average cost, this is true until the order is completed, then the adjust cost item entry routine will pick it up, at least this is the way I remember it, so if you have used the applies too and financially the cost is different, complete the order and then run the update routine and look at the financial implication of the update - it depends why you believe it is not working!