Return order process


The return order process in AX is very different to our current process, I was wondering if AX would handle these process

  1. Replacement order is added onto the system selecting customer address, van and delivery date and the replacement product

  2. Return order is added onto the system selecting customer collection address and the returned order

  3. Both orders replacement and return are printed off by sales to check they have inputted the relevant information

  4. A deliver note is raised for the replacement order

  5. A collection note is raised for the return order


You can raise the return order and create the replacement order from it. You can raise a delivery note against the sales order but only a confirmation against the return - teh logic is for it to come in, then processed and received, you would need to create your own collection note.

How would I create a collection note, and would I be able to run them off at the same time as delivery notes?


There is no concept, so it just depends how you load your transport plan. In essence you could have a button that says collection note and print it out from the orders you choose to collect.

Collection notes are printed off at the same time as delivery notes currently, that cannot be handled in AX 2012 can it?

Not as standard because the delivery process of a return order is the receipt into your warehouse whilst your “collection” note is an instruction to pick up from teh customer. To print this off you would need to receive it which you have not done. However it does also depend upon any transport add-ons or modifications, because in some of the systems I work with you can indeed print them off with teh delivery note and the manifest/drop schedule etc.

Yes you of course can and for further information or any query contact top the customer care.

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