Return Items from Vendor

Hi Masters,

I have a small doubt in Purchase retun order in Navision.

I am explaining the scenerio.

Please provide solution.

I created a Purchase order of 10 PCS. I received on 19/12/08. That order number is abc-100

On 20/12/08 I received a Invoice. And entered in my system.

I found some items ,qty = 5 pcs. were damaged so I want to return these items against this order.

So I created a rerun order on 21/12/ 08 and send that items to vendor.

So again vendor send those items on 25/12/08 . Here he send the items against that Purchase order.

So how to enter this in Navision.

In Navision if I am receiving any items again I need to create a purchase order or Purchase invoice .

Here I am not creating any purchase order and Purchase invoice .

Just I am receiving those item s against that purchase order.

So please let me know how to deal this scenario in Navision.


Why not simply amend the purchase order for the 5pcs?

Thanks Mr. Dave,

I think you did not read my post properly.

Here the order was Invoiced completely. So there is no Purchase order still .

So how to solve this problem.


Nav does not handle this as the return orders do not effect the origional purchase order. You could modify the return order to create/amend the purchase order in question.

As you asked how to enter this in Navision I would say you have got to the point where a purchase order is received and invoiced for 10, I would then load a return order using the applies to functionality to link the potential credit to the invoice generated, using the function to get the posted document lines to reverse. You used to also be able to create the replacement purchase order for the system as well. If you send the supplier a replacement purchase order they need to follow this instruction and not just overship to the old purchase order that has already been invoiced, this leads to a chaotic paper chase, and you will encounter issues, you need to control your supply chain communication here.

Thanks ,

May be I did not explain properly.

Here I received full quantity and Invoiced against that purchase order.

So some items damaged so just I send the items to vendor , then he send s the proper items.

Here I need to apply toold invoice , because I am not getting anyinvoice because already I got invoice against that order.

So now just send items and receive items only part of this . There is no Invoice part here.

So with out creating a new purchase order how can I receive the items for old purchase order

You are failing standard business logic here to achieve a short cut, and it is giving you issues.

You have an invoice, the invoice is processed, there are tax and posting implications.

What you NEED to do is load a return order, process the credit, get the correct credit applied to the invoice. Also load a replacement purchase order, get the goods in again. The return order will have vendor authorisation, there is a whole paper trail here, the new PO allows goods in to book the stock in and process the receipt through.

You say this is simply a quantity flow through, but it is not, there is a whole set of business processing and procedures here that you are shortcutting, not to mention the possible tax implications if these transactions step over tax periods. Where is your ability to tell your tax authorities you correctly claimed a tax reduction based upon a credit you never recieved from your supplier in the period.

This is how you deal with this scenario in Navision, which is afterall what you asked!

I am of course making the assumption the purchase order is fully recieved and invoiced, therefore it is not listed as a purchase order and you cannot recreate it as the numberr is unique. If it is open you can enter new lines, a negative 5 a positive 5, there will be no credit processing and this can play havoc with your costs, but is possible, personally I would only do this if it was my error, if I needed the paper trail with the supplier I would create the appropriate documents.