Return against specific Packing Slip for Sales Order


One of our customers has requirement for taking return (partial/complete) against specific packing slip in Accounts Receivable. To help you understand the scenario I am appending below example.

ITEM A 1000
ITEM B 500
01 ITEM A 100
01 ITEM B 50
02 ITEM A 200
03 ITEM A 400
03 ITEM B 150

Let’s suppose the customer has returned 200 quantity of Item A and 50 quantity of Item B from third delivery for which we will have to post a negative packing slip. But when I am going for posting invoice against this sales order for quantity delivered the system is deducting quantity from first packing slip.

Will appreciate if anyone of you could let me know if there is any method that I can instruct the system to take return against specific packing slip.

Thanks in advance.




I believe, when you are posting the packing slip, you can specify the storage dimension(batchnumber). when posting the packing slip choose the dimension and post.later select the dimension while posting the negative packign slip.

Hope this helps.

  • Jagadeesh K

Hi Jagadeesh,

I agree with you if client use the Batch number , serial number then your solution work , but What about the clients who does not use the lot number concept , then how does it work ?


When they are not using storage dimension, it means client do not want to track anything on by dimension. so client should not bother which packingslip is getting upated. :-).

One way is there, if the packing slips have been invoiced in the same way as the packing slips posted like (Invoice-001:ItemA-100,itemB-50) , (Invoice-002:ItemA-200) etc.then we can create a return order for the respective packingslip/Invoice and post as per the packing slip.(i did not tried this)

I believe, there is no direct solution, if we are not using the storage dimension. we may have to go with customization like matching packing slip which is there in Acct. payable.

  • Jagadeesh K

In this way system does not give the expected results.

Yes , the only solution is Customization.

Have you looked at the return order process?

With delivering negative now the system takes the quantity from the first slip everytime, this is the way it is designed - the negative packing slip is not considered a return. If you wanted to deliver negative against a specific packing slip you would need to modify the system to achieve this.

Hi Adam,

I created the Sales order for Customer 001 and posted 3 Packing slips - PAC 01 , 02 , 03 . Now some material returned against the Packing slip 01 . Open the Return order , select the customer code and click Functions - Packing slip .( packing slip functions is disabled) System is not showing any packing slips against this customer . Can i know what would be the problem.

Hi Ameen,

For enabling the packing slip at Return order, we need to start the arrival - you can do from Inventory/Periodic/Arrival overview…

select setup name as “Return order” and start arrival…this will make the pakcing slip enabled both on SO and return order form.

  • Jagadeesh K

That is the packing slip against the return order, you need to use the funcitons and get the original sales order, from here you can see the delivery note tab, invoice tab etc.

Hi AdamRoue,

I think the return order works after the sales order is invoiced. Can you help me in modifying the system because I need to solve this. I just need information as to which classes I will have to modify.

Thx n rgds

Nope you can return against a delivered order without issue, but you need to tie up the financial transactions, so you need to invoice both elements and apply them to each other. Look at the tabs on the return order find sales order function.

Hi Adam ,

What i am trying to do is i need tocreate a return order against the Sales Order packing slip 01 .

for example i have 15 different items in the sales order and in the packing slip 01 - 7 items - Qty of each item is 1 has been despatched. Now the customer returned the 7 items . What client is suggesting to create the return order against the packing slip 01 . but in return order that functonality is missing . Can you guide me the path to create the return order agains the packing slip ?

What happens in the return order when you select the get sales order and click on the delivery note function?. I do not have access to the software at the moment, but it is the standard wayu of copying the sales order to the return order lines. As I said earlier this will, from memory, take it from the first delivery note if you use deliver now negative, with the returns order the same principle could be the same, you need to verify it. If you use batch or serial numbers then you can define these, if you do not then the first, second or third delivery note is not really relevant.

I am working on AX 2009 and i could not find the Delivery note function .

Path : Return order - Functions - > Find Sales order - > here i dont have nay delivery not function .

It is not showing delivery notes like 01,02,…

for testing purpose i am not using the batch number / serial number.

I believe, In return order form, we can not find sales orders which are only packing slip updated.

  • Jagadeesh K

My believe was right. We can not use ‘Return Order’ functionality for Sales Order which is packing slip updated.

I will be grateful if you could suggest any solution for changes in system for achieving return against particular packing slip functionality.

Thanks in advance.

Standard return functionality on the get sales order is invoice only - I can see this now looking at the stadnard software. As I have said previously I seem to always modify the returns functionality so I was putting into a reply a non-standard function, my apologies.

This means if you are not using batch and serial numbers then the traceability will be invoice based and therefore the delivery note is irreelvant to the system processing.