Retrive only Records with one Filed values as alphabets


Want field with only alphabets in it on grid, can we do by add range to query?

In sql i get required records with where condition like ‘%[^0-9]%’ but how can i get this in x++ code onexecutequery().

Please help.



AX doesn’t support regular expressions in query ranges, therefore you must look for a workaround. Unfortunately you didn’t mention your version of AX (please always attach a tag with the version, e.g. AX 2012), therefore we can’t know which solutions you can use.

I think the best solution would be creating a computed column in a view, where you would use your regular expression and return 0 or 1. Then you would easily filter by this computed column in AX forms. Note that this is possible in AX 2012 and D365FO and that views are read-only.

I would also review the data model; maybe it’s not designed correctly if you can’t easily get the data you need.

Thanks for your explanation.