Retrieving Server Name from Server table

Hi, We have succesfully managed to retrieve the servername from the Server table, however, the whole process seems to be desperately slow, i.e. it can take up to ten seconds. Anybody have any ideas why this is? Thanks Meint

Which version are you using. We have implemented this in a 3.60 version Native on opening Form330. We have had no problems with the speed…

Hi Sven, We are using version 3.70 hotfix 12 on SQL. We are trying to recognise which database is open and give the user a whopping great big border on the main menu if they are in the test system. Regards Meint

Did you read the other topic about this on the forum, from last week.

See here:

Sorry, obviously not… We will see if the CONTEXTURL function does the job, will this still work if you do not launch Navision with the navison://… method? Thanks Meint