Retrieving names and values from XML file

I have used the nice example provided by Paul Baxter, but would like to also retrieve the name of the data im getting: Here is the xml file: <story> <title>Moving Sensor Data Onto The Internet With SensorML</title> <url></url> <time>2003-05-01 08:12:16</time> <author>timothy</author> <department>we-know-how-you're-feeling</department> <topic>126</topic> <comments>36</comments> <section>science</section> <image>topictech2.gif</image> </story> Code snippet: ... xmlNodelist := xmlDOC.getElementsByTagName('story'); ... xmlNodeChildlist.item(i).text this returns eg. “Moving Sensor Data Onto The Internet With SensorML”, but i need also to know that this text was in “title” tag. How?

Well, i solved it: xmlElement := xmlNodeChildlist.item(i); xmltagname := xmlElement.tagName;

Hi Soren I am surprised how often this XML code gets referred to in this group it was only a quick hack to show a point. It has come back many times over the past year or so. What you want to get the node name is xmlNodeChildlist.item(i).nodeName The next challange is to write an rss feed reader in Navision? Paul Baxter