Retrieving Basic Navision Data

I need to know what the total $ amount of purchase orders where created for a particular date range grouped by Department Code and Project Code. I have looked at the PO Header (38)and it does not have the dept. / project codes. I have looked at the PO lines (39)and it seems that when a PO is paid it no longer is in the PO line table. I have looked at the Purch. Inv Header (122) and it does not have the PO number. I have looked at the Purch. Inv Line (123)and it does not have a posting date that I can filter on. We have looked at all of the reports and can not find any thing that will help get this data. It seems like a very basic “report” , piece of data , request. Is there anyway that I, with the current tools and knowledge that we have, to get this data? Is there something I have missed, looked at incorrectly , etc.? Should I be looking at it from G/L side? My thought is that I shouldn’t have to pay my NSC to retrieve basic data like this. We conducted an online conference with Jet Reports and they could not figure out how to do it - he said Jet reports takes 10% jet report knowledge, 40% excel and 60% Navision…we do not have 60% Navision knowledge (looking at it from a development standpoint). Please help

The Dept. and project codes are on the headers (in PO and in Purch.invoices)… may be if you just search for department code you won’t find it (depending on the version of your program), but if you’re using attain search for global dimension 1 code and global dimension 2 code (or shorcut dimension 1 code & shorcut dimension 2 code) whenever you’re searching for department and project. The Purchase invoice header table also has the PO number… the field it’s called Order Number… the posting date is on the Purch. Invoice headers… Well… if it’s a so basic report what’s the problem??? If you don’t think you should have to pay your NSC to retrieve basic data like this then just evaluate how much it will cost you getting the report from them and how much the time you’re spending on trying yourself is valued… if it’s your time is not worthy enough try it yourself… if it’s more valuable than the cost of the report… ask your NSC. With Jet Reports you’re able of getting a lot of data… just think that the amount field in the purchases invoice header is a flowfield, not a normal just data field… and that’s the tricky part… Regards,

I forgot to mention that we are using version 2.60.F, not Attain. I have not seen these search fields that are called “Global Dimension 1” and “Shortcut dimension 1”, etc… Are these specific to Attain.

Dimensions are specific to Attain… but i don’t know what’s the problem on your database… on a standard 2.60 you can find Department Code and Project code as fields also on the purchases invoice header table…

Department and Project are fields 29 and 30 on the standard US V2.6 database, Table 38 Purchase Header. They are the same field numbers in Table 122 Purch. Inv. Header, which is where Posted Purchase Orders are stored for historical reference (i.e. after you have received the invoice for the purchased goods). And from the Help for the field Order No. in the Purchase Inv. Header: This field contains the number of the purchase order from which this invoice was posted. Hope this is helpful.