retrieve value


I have table with two fileds (field1 and field2). Now, when I fill field1 in then in field2 should write value from field2 permanently. Even if i change value in field1, field2 should not be changed.

For example:

  1. field1 = 20
    field2 = 20 (download value from field1 automatic)

  2. field1 = 30
    field2 = still 20

  3. field1 = 2
    field2 still 20


How implement this in Axapta.

Best regards.

When the field1 is modified, check whether a value exists in field2, if not push that into field2…

some thing like this,


table.field2 = table.field1; (when the field1 is modified)

thanks for answer

my next question is where do I check this?

How set permissions to the field2 only to reading?

Make the field2 un-editable. Trigger the code in the modified event of field1 in the form data soruce or override the modifiedField method on the table depending on the requirement.