Retrieve Selected Fields Using WEBSERVICES

Hello Friends,

I am developing a web application in with c# .I am making a form of sales order.I place a dropdown

to fill the list of sell to customer no. field. But i am unable to fetch a single field through WebServices. So Tell me how to solve

This. i am using the following code:

List<SalesOrderWS_Filter> S_filter = new List<SalesOrderWS_Filter>();

SalesOrderWS_Filter nameFilter = new SalesOrderWS_Filter();

nameFilter.Field = SalesOrderWS_Fields.Sell_to_Customer_Name;

nameFilter.Criteria = Session[“user”].ToString();


SalesOrderWS[] list = SalesService.ReadMultiple(S_filter.ToArray(), null, 100);

foreach (SalesOrderWS c in list)


grd_OrderDetails.DataSource = list;



and by use of this code my grid display every field of table but i want tha the selected fields are visible in grid .

Please Help me on both problem…



this is definitely not an enduser’s question - I moved it to Developers forum, along with another your post, please use the appropriate forums for your posts, otherwise they might never be noticed by the “right” audience. None of us reads everything & all here.