Retrieve Client Version

I need to call a function to retrieve the client version of the application. Anyone know of a Navision call or automation that can achieve this?? Fast response needed

Go to → Help | About Microsoft Business Solutions - Navision You will get something like this: Version US 3.70.A (3.70) In this within the parenthesis is the client version. before parenthesis is Database version. Naveen Jain

In codeunit 1 “Application Management” there is a function named “ApplicationVersion” which returnes the version as text. Regards, Jörg

Hi Joerg, ApplicationVersion will return the database version, not the client version. Naveen Jain

Joerg thats nearly what I want, but not quite! That function returns the version of Codeunit 1 “Application Management” object, not the client version. So if we use Naveen’s example Version US 3.70.A (3.70) 370a is the codeunit 1 version and 370 is the client version (fin.exe). Its the Client version I need. Any other suggestions? I think perhaps an automation.

Hi Alex: Usually there is file called “fin.etx” in the Client folder of Navision. You can read that file as text. With in that file you will find “Navision Application Server version”. Now if you read this file from Navision, then you can easily retrive the client application Version. Search the text file for “Navision Application Server version” and you will the version. Naveen Jain

A sollution might be creating a record variable that points to the object table, filter out an object that you now it has an updated version in all navision client versions and extract version parameters from the “Version List” field? It might not always be waterproof …

Jan, thats whats happening at the moment. We are now running 360 objects in a 370 client so this wont work ant more. We currently can read the fin.exe properties to get the version, but I dont personally like this solution as you are required to know where the file is on the hard drive which may cause problems.