Retreive a bitmap from image control

Hi I have inserted one BMP picture in my report using image control. The path of BMP which I given is c:\pic directory. But accidently my image file was deleted from the hard disk. However the image is still appearing in the report. the picture may be stored in the database. My question is that Is there any method to retrieve that picture from image control to hard disk back ? Thanks

Hi Matthew, This is a difficult, but not impossible task. As the Bitmap actually is stored in the object file, if you export is as Navision Financials format. Open it in a editor, locate the file name, right after this you should be able to find a tag beginning with “BM”. Now you just have to determine the length to copy. Anyway just copy the rest of the file, as the bmp header usually holds information about the size of the bitmap stored, and thus it will ignore the excessive data in the file. Hope this works, /Soren

How would you accomplish this. There is no available BLOB field to do the export from, or could please be more specific? /Soren

Right, no easy way if the bitmap is not stored in a BLOB variable. I would first try the following: Export the report as html. I never tried that but it might be that the logo is exported from NF as GIF or BMP file in the WindowsTemp directory. Second. This is a dirty one but works for sure: Execute the report in pageview, magnify the report until the bitmap has original size and use a screen-grabber program like SnagIt to capture the picture. Marcus Marcus Fabian phone: +41 79 4397872

Hi I agree with Fabian. Preview the report. Enlarge the view to taste and capture Use Alt-Print screen and paste your BMP to your favorite graphics tool. Like paint. regards Craig

Just a comment, by “grapping” the image with an image-capture program from the report-preview, you are not sure to get the right aspect-ratios of the bitmap. Only by exporting the object and locating the bitmap info, are you able to create the exact original image. But sure most time an image-capture would be sufficient. /Soren

It’s as easy as Marcus suggested: Saving it as Html will give you the bitmap in .BMP format (not gif or jpg) :slight_smile: The image is saved as picX.bmp (being X the number of the image in the report). If you only got an image, it will be pic1.bmp in the same directory you save the html page Regards, – Alfonso Pertierra Spain

I don’t know, but could table 2000000001-Object help? There is a Blob reference. Anolis Sittard Netherlands

Save as HTML and take the bmp file is the better way. We will get the file having the same resulution. Thanks to all.