Retore Problem on NA3.60(HF29)with SQL Server 2000

Hi, I am trying to backup a company from a database with 27 Companies. Then restore the company backuped up in a local database , try to rename it to another company. Now when i try to backup this renamed company and restore in the orignal database with 27 companies to get my 28 Company, the finsql just closes without any error messages after creating the Keys step. I thought i missed the error message, so i tried the above process serveral times and found no error message just the finsql close. I tried to restore the renamed company backup with both option with application object backup and without application object backup, nothing seems to work. And i also found that after the finsql closed without any warning message, i found the sql database containing wierd table nos. 1000000003 Payment terms etc, it looks like the retore created new table for each existing table in the database for each company. We are using NA3.60 (Hot Fix 29) on SQL Server 2000… I found similar post in the forum, but there were no answers to the topic, hope somebody can help me… regards, JHC