I want to know much about Pluspos and gopro retail used for navison retail implemantation

Hi, You posted a similiar msg before and I belive you are in the UAE, there was a reply from someone giving reference of some company who has been implementing GoPro Retail / PlusPos. Why dont you get in touch with them directly. Rather than posting msgs left right & center and wasting time. Are you an enduser or working for an NSC ? I too know about GoPro / PlusPos what exactly do you want to know, what kind of information are you looking for ? Prince

Dear mr Prince I am new to Navison i want to have more information about its implementation. Can u please mail me ur email id to me my id is

Hi, I have sent you a mail from my ID you can contact me there ok Prince

Hi vbeswar Landsteinar Retail (formerly known as GoPro Retail) was created by a company called Landsteinar. It is completely built on MBS-Navision technology and has been implemented in over 40 countries, including several middle east countries. I suggest that you go to the website of Landsteinar ( for further information. Gaukur

Hi vbeswar, Do check the following sites for more info on GoPro and Plus POS: Ofcourse, the chances are you might get similar information from the above sites. If you can be specific about your requirement, we might be able to help you Regards Jyothi Mohan

I think that if you are interested in Retail, check this out These are two very powerfull companies, with some of the best Navision developers around, the anouncment would make it clear who to ask about Navision and retail.