Retail POS Development

Hi ,

Is it possible to customize the POS screens ?

Mostly just what you can do through the designer.

Thank you Girish.

I want to add a new textbox in salesorder form to accept some data.

How I can achieve this ?

what do you mean by Sale Order form ? the form you see in POS ?

Yes , the POS Salesorder Form ?

i cannot understand the SO form … what do mean … when we execute a transaction in POS … it is taken to Retail HQ by using JOBS …

there is SO form in AX that show all Sales Orders … in POS can we have such form ?

kindly share any screen shot of POS Sales Order form for my understanding …

Picking an issued SO through POS.

The screen which we configure through Retail Headquarters → POS → Retail POS → Button Grid → Designer → Button Properties
Action->Item -

Our MS partner has customized our ‘Add Customer’ screen by configuring some of the dll files in the POS Services and Triggers folders.

I thought I saw a blog on this website about the basic steps to get started with dll customization but I can’t seem to be able to find it again. It was fairly recent, too.

Just found the blog - it was not on this site.

Here is the link if you are interested: