Retail Online Store selling assorted products in specific quantities


This is a two part question.

  1. We need a method to sell various product lines in specific quantities. For example: glass bottles of syrup in hundreds of flavors, brand and price options can be purchased in any combination but must be in quantities/multiples of 12 only. These are all individual products in AX – no variants. Effectively they are buying an assorted case of 12.

  2. We would still like to be able to give price breaks based on buying 24, 36, 48, etc. – effectively 2, 3, 4 case discounts. I am hoping whatever method used to restrict the sale of these items to the specified multiples above still allows for the AX quantity discounts.

Not sure if I am overlooking something obvious but I currently do not have an environment to test the retail functions. I am planning an online store implementation with AX2012 R3 and need to identify requirements that may need custom work. Any guidance on accomplishing this functionality is greatly appreciated.