Retail Head quater


I had install the Retail Headquarters ,retail store connect and retail scheduler in the in the head i m facing problem i,e data is present in the table but it not showing in form.for exaple in inventry master form data is not showing but data is present in the inventtable same thing in the retail item form and sme problem in the many PO form data is showing in the header level but not showing in the line level and same with SO also.i cheked all the relation between the table it ok.

Please any one can help me how to solve the this problem

Have you tried runing the consistency check tool?

Please can you tell me where can i find the consistency check tool


This problem generally comes after installation of Roll Up. It may happen that the version of Client and AOS differ.

Try reinstalling the ROll Up again and client also.


Under Basic > Periodic.


i installed Roll up 7,Ax 2009,Sql2005,Retail Headquarter,RSC,RTS,in head office and in POS Client POS,RSC

Guide me what to do next

Have you checked the version of clien and AOS.

As suggested, run the Roll Up again and make sure to select the client as well as AOS.

After that, synchronize the DB.

Also, no need to install RSC on POS machine.