Retail For Ax

HI to all,

Where can i found the all documents regading the AX retail application Development .like an Ax Development I ,II,III & IV.I have partner source access.plz give me a link .

Hi Naresh,

Below is the link to download the training manuals for AX/NAV/CRM…{C4BA7F45-1232-4A4C-906D-E37D7305B2CE}&NRORIGINALURL=%2Fpartnersource%2Fcommunities%2Ftraining%2Ftrainingmaterials%2Fstudent&NRCACHEHINT=Guest

Once you click on the link, it will prompt for partner source id and password.

Hi sudhakar,

Thsnks for reply,but i got a message for that page"Access Denied"

May be you are not having enough permissions to access training manuals in the partner source.