Restriction on control resizing

Hi on the form i want the size of the controls to be fixed. That is when a form is active, i do not want to allow the user to resize the controls by dragging. Can it be? Kumar

I’ve to think you’re refering to the tabular forms and not allowing the users to change the width/height of the columns/rows… as is the only place where the user can change the size of the controls by dragging… (excepting when setting controls to increase their size with horglue/verglue when resizing the form where they are…). You cannot keep the user from changing the width on colums… the nearest you can do is setting the savecolumswidth and savecontrolinfo properties to FALSE for not allowing the user to keep his changes… If you’re asking about the resizing of the form, you can use the sizeable,maximizable and minimizable properties of the form for allowing or not to change the size of the form (recommended always to allow minimizable excepting in “dialog error” style forms). Regards and happy christmans, Alfonso Pertierra (Spain)

Hi Alfonso thank u… kumar

In the tabular forms, you could add code to the onOpenForm CurrForm.“your field”.WIDTH := xxxx; That will reset it every time a user opens it up. Other option, if you want to disallow re-sizing columns in all forms altogether, remove a permission “Tools-Design” from the ALL group. Alex

Hi can we not allow the shifting of columns on a tabular form? Alex, i couldnt find the Tools_design option in the ALL group…instead i found the View_Design in the ALL group, but when i removed that permission i was not allowed even to go to the design mode. thanx Kumar