restriction for Copy and paste

Hi experts ,

As we know all the user can copy and paste to excel .

How can we restrict the no of lines that can can copied , becuase somtimes the user is copying large data , where he is locking the system ? specially if he is copying from item ledger entry .

Or How can i disable for some tables from copying ? (I read the topic related to this question , but i couldn’t open the links related to the splution of this topic )

thank you

Hi Jouhayna,

You can’t. At least that was the answer I got previously. What version are you running?

It’s quite annoying that you can’t restrict this. We saw on several occasion that when the performance of the system allmost died, then we could track it to some users who where using a copy/paste from the Customer Ledger Entry table (with no filters!).

hi Erik,

thx for replying , Erik ,i m on Navision version 4 SP1 …

how you can track to see which user is copying and paste …

I am having this problem , i cannot know that they are copying an paste , unless the performance of the system almost died


You’re right. The way we tried to get around it was to to create menu items so at least when they used the shortcut (Ctrl+C) then they would get a message say that it was not possible. But we didn’t find a way to go around it when the Edit menu was used.