Restricting warehouse for users - D365 For Fin & Ops

Hi All,

I have a requirement where certain users log in, they should be able to see the data only for specific warehouses.

For example, when they open the purchase orders, the lines with specific assigned warehouse only should be visible to them or they should be able to add new lines with the assigned warehouses.

I have already implemented the XDS policy for that and i am able to restrict the data visible to users.

But when user is trying to add new line, we are getting below shown error:


Currently I have added InventDim and Purchline as constraint tables and set Constrained property to Yes for both these tables.

Even i tried to change the Constrained property with different combinations but still unable to achieve that.

Can anyone help me in achieving this.

can you share your query that you are using for the XDS Policy

Hi Lalit,

im trying to apply user restriction by warehouse, can you help us to figure out how we can make it ? its will be kind if you share your XDS policy.