Restricting User from Posting data in a form


How do we restrict user from posting data in a form. for exp. One user should enter data and Should not post and the other user should post the data in a Purchase Order Screen.

How can we do it ?

Please Help !


we can do it using the permissions…

Which permissions we have to give ?. Pls Illustrate…

Check the existing roles and their names…

if you are using NAV2009 , you can use

Role ID Name

S&R-Q/O/I/R/C, POST Post sales orders, etc.

I’ve always found that the base permissions are not very good. If you don’t want to allow someone to post any purchase documents, deny them Insert permission on the Vendor Ledger Entry table.


I have given the codeunit 90 and 91 in permission for a Role and given permission for insert ,read,modify etc as blank so as not to allow purchase posting. Still I can post ?.

Please help ?


See my post above about Vendor Ledger Entry.