restricting the qty on sales tax register

for ex: i created 1 po with an item with 5 qty

item price is 1000, each item will have taxes

so 5*1000 = 5000

so i invoiced only 3, so 3*1000= 3000 + other taxes 495. so total invoice amount is 3495.00

now here ordered qty is 5, invoiced 3, remaining 2

now, go to general ledger- inquiries-tax-indian posted tax- sales tax register---- form will be opened give all the necessary things, date range:

it is showing the invoiced qty 3(which is okay)

but it is also showing the remaining qty in new line.

ideally it should show only those qty for which the tax have been posted and invoiced qty. here it is also showing the remaining qty.

plz help me with this.