Restricting navigation to groups

I have created an AD group for NAV 2009 SP1 permissions. When i restrict this AD group from certain navigation pane items they are still showing. When I remove the group and add the user, then restrict the user from certain navigation items they do not show up. What is causing AD groups not not restrict navigation items? Is there something i am doing wrong it seems pretty strait forward ?

This only work directly with the User ID. You need to add the user in NAV to restrict the MenuSuite.

Dang it would be slick if i could restrict the group in the menu so i do not have to go user-by user and take them out of the menues i do not want them to see… Thanks, i will try adding the user ID’s in.

So if i add the perms to the AD group in NAV, and then add each user ID but without permissions, the perms will pull from the AD group and i will be able to restrict them from the NAV menu