Restricting G/L Accounts in Dimensions

Is there a was to restrict whether certain G/L accounts are only available with certain Dimensions?

Currently using Dynamics NAV 2009 R2

Do you mean say while attaching dimension certain G/L Account should be available to user ?


While selecting the G/L Account system should show certain account ???

Dimension mandatory on GL accounts.

Hi Donald,

As Manish say then you are able to restrict that only certain Dimension Values may be used with specific G/L Accounts. You can specify that under each G/L Accounts (or by selecting a group of accounts and use the Multiple Default Dimensions). Here you can specify if a specific dimension or even a specific dimension value must be used for the G/L Account. You have the option of Code Mandatory which means the specific code must always be used (but no restriction toward the value), Same Code which means that the same value must always be used or No Code which means you cannot use a specific dimension with this G/L account.

But you have no way to specify it the other way around. You can not specify multiple G/L accounts per dimension code/value.

So if what you’re looking for is a solution where you want the system to verify that if you specify e.g. DEPARTMENT value ADMIN, that only certain G/L Accounts are allowed, then it’s not possible. At least not if the same G/L Accounts may be used with other dimension values also.

Thank you all