Restricting abililty to ship a sales order

Second question of the session, is there a neat way to control whether a user profile can ship/invoice an order.? We have a scenario where we would like warehouse staff to be able to enter ship quantities and post the shipment, but not to post the invoice. Our alternative at present is to develop a new form over the sales order which is only used by the despatch staff to ship the order, and to prevent them using the main sales order form. This approach would have another advantage in that the sales unit price and value can be excluded from the form. Finally, the despatch weight could be recorded at this point which may solve the problem I have with calculating and attaching the carriage charge to the invoice Thanks again

Depending on the Version you are running, there is an Order Shipping option on the Sales & Receivables Menu. This started in 3.10 or 3.60 i think.

Thanks for that Chris. Only thing is I can’t see that in the versions we are using, being V3.7 and V4.

Chris maybe referring to a localization? Gary - you can set-up permissions to do this as standard. However if you need to hide certain fields then it maybe a better approach to design a shipment screen.

Shipment screen it is then. Thanks Stephen

Yes, Chris is referring to a localized form. This is form 10026, Sales Order Shipment the in the Norht American version.

[:I][Oops!] Thanks guys.