Restricting a Super user to access Only one company

Hi All,

I am using NAV 2009, where i have 4 super users and my clinet wants one of them to restrict to access only one company in the database through RTC. For that I followed the below steps first

  1. From Classic client with SQL option, I went to Security-> Windows Login-> Roles-> Selected a company in the Company field.

System was throwing an error related to permission on Table 2000000073 when open the RTC. I went through some posts related to this and later did the following.

  1. Imported the user Roles and Permission from UserRoles.xml and UserRolePermissions.xml file.

  2. Assigned a BASIC role to the super user whom I restricted to access one company

  3. Ran synchronise all logins

Now Icould able to connect to the database using RTC, but the user is able to access all the companys of the database.

Please guide me how to resolve this.

Thanx in advance…


While using the the User with Super User Access for all companies, Click tools>>>Security>>>Database Logins>>> (Highlight / Place Cursor / Select User ID)>>>Click Roles Button>>>Select Role ID>>>Slect the Company that is allowed only for that particular User.

And oh, yeah. Synchronize all logins after doing above suggestion ;o)

Ofcourse, I set the permissions for Super user 2 using the Super User1, who has access to all companies and ran the synchronise logins. But It didnt work.

Restat the service

yes, I did it. Still facing the same problem.

So something went wrong in your process…

just now i did it in my test server nad working fine…

Can you check by deleting this role…

Did you also setup company for the added BASIC role? What role you want me to delete and try?

Delete Basic role and Assign the company to SUPER role and restart the service

System is throwing an error says ‘No access to codeunit of id 1’, when connecting through RTC.

Can you show the roles setup? and also permissions setup for super role
is super role a standard one or have you modified any permissions?