restricted access to branch users

upto now the attain was implemented only at our head office. . now we are planning to give access to branch office users using Citrix… one thing we need to setup is that branch users should be able to see ONLY data corresponding to their branch… 1. master data … like customers 2. batch job should be based on branch… when a branch user execute a batch job, that job should process only that branch data… 3. any other info relating to this type of setup…based on your experiences how can we setup tha above…

The best option to use such a functionality would be to use “Responsibility Centres”.

Yep, Responsibility Center would be a feasiable solutions, though standard Navision just has it implemented on the order entry side - no restriction on viewing posted information nor on process execution. It’s not difficult to add those restrictions, as the basis is already created, but you’ll find it necessary to make some adjustments, e.g. what about customers that all subsidiaries sell to. Have a look at any order from, OnOpenForm trigger, that’s the code you need. If you are on SQL, you could also check the Security Filters that are available on the roles, this will allow you to set certain default filters on records. Saludos Nils

right now were using terminal services to access the navision thru web. citriz is very costy, but is there any other way to access the system thru web?

nope… you might consider Employee Portal (Nav 4 SP1) for particular parts but that will be definitly not cheaper than Citrix… what problems are you facing with Terminal Server, that make you want to switch? Saludos Nils

Thanks everybody for your info… i will test them It seems this post is becoming a meaning one for branch user access info Anybody with similar experience, please share your experiences thanks in advance