Restrict G/L Account posting per User.

We use Navision 3.70, running under SQL.

For SARBOX control we must restrict customer write-off to specified users.

That is, only specified users can post a specific account.

Suggestions for a fast, elegant and cheap solution are appreciated and may even be admired.


Fast and Cheap, you really need to get out the screwdrivers.

There are add-ons that could do it, but would be invasive in so many areas, as to be probably an overkill.

My suggestion would be to create a new table accessible though a matrix to allow and disallow specifically for SOX. Its a pretty small mod, and not overly invasive. Using a table will make it more flexiblem though a little more work to setup.

If you want even simpler, then add a field to the GL account “Authorised User Group” and link it into the Responsibility centre table. This will work fine, but may not go all the way for what you will find you will need as you go further thought the compliance steps.


Thanks, to KISS I think it will have to be the screwdriver.