Restrict future date entry

Hi All,

I want to open only today’s date for all users and back date only for Head Office user group.

And further NO One should be able to post entry in Future Date (forward date).

Require your help how to achieve this in AX 2012.

Thanks in advance.


Hello Experts,

Kindly suggest some work around.



You would need a modification to restrict this sort of entry to system date (whilst preventing the alteration of the system date). Not sure why you want to do this and I would worry about this sort of restriction.

Thanks Adam for reply.

There are many warehouses and sales entries will be done from warehouses.

So my client needs restriction that those users can do entries only in today’s date.

Cant this be achieved with period locking or i need to customize in basic set up.?



Hi Jainal,

Yes i agree that there are many warehouses and sales entry, But once transaction get recorded it would definetly hit inventtrans table i mean while inserting recod in inventtrans table just make a validation according to your requirement. Once it fails the validation let system throq error, So by this way you just need to put validation only at 1 or 2 table lavel and you can prevent this kind of date entry.

Hope this would be useful!!

You would have to have a daily finance period and lock and open as required, but these are not financial transactions, so if you want them to enter a sales line only today this has no relation to the financial period as no financial transaction is taking place.