Restoring SQL 2000 2.6F database to 2.6.C

We accidentally opened our test SQL database that was 2.6c with a 2.6F executable so now only the 2.6F station can open it. So our testers can’t test. We don’t want to give them 2.6F because we don’t want them accidentally opening the Live Database. We are not going to convert to 2.6F until we have tested it. we have tried restoring our Live2.6c SQL backup from tape into test but it seems to be converted on restoration. Our test and live DB are 13 gig each and on seperate boxes. How do we get back to 2.6C version. any help greatly appreciated. thanks Steve Post

What do you mean by ‘it seems to be converted on restoration’? If you SQL backed up your 2.60c database before the user opended it with 2.60f, you will be able to restore it with no problems as the 2.60c that it was. It will only be converted - by Financials - if you open it again with Financials 2.60f. Don’t understand what you mean there. About the conversion: Normally a conversion from one Financials/Attain version to a later, in the SQL version, modifies information in the [$ndo$dbproperty] table in the database. Sometimes objects/triggers are also modified because of issues found as part of the service pack fix. In the case of 2.6c and 2.6f, versions 2.6a->c had a database version number of 5 in the above table, and versions 2.6d->f have a version number of 6. The changes done during a conversion in this case is to the SIFT triggers because of an UPDATE performance problem found at the time. Now you have updated to 2.6f you will have applied these changes. However, a 2.6c client can also benefit from the changes and can run normally - the problem is the version number in the property table is preventing you from opening the database at all. You can manually change this back as follows (in Query Analyzer). Change to the correct database and execute: UPDATE [$ndo$dbproperty] SET [databaseversionno] = 5 You should be up and running with your 2.6c clients again. Note that generally there is more to this workaround if other fields of the table have been modified in the conversion, such as the [chartable] or [identifiers] fields. In that case it is necessary to create a new database with the old client and copy the data from these fields over. Thats another story. But, I still say if you have a good backup of your 2.6c you should be able to restore it solve your problem that way - for what else is a backup for?

Thank you Robert !!! All I had to do was change the version to 5 steve