Restoring fbk in SQL database


I’m currently trying to restore a large fbk database (11*2Gb) to an SQL Server (NAV 4.0 SP3 on SQL 2005 64b) and while restoring small company is really easy, i get problem with the big one.

On first try , one user try to connect during restore so i get an error as the company already exist because tne first user can open the company and it get initialized.

On second try , i turn the database to single user mode and during restore (8 hours later) i get an error as the database is already open and can be used by only one user.

Can somebody help me because i don’t know what to try now.


Hi lessy,

are you using a blank database to restore the fbk or are you restoring the fbk to an existing populated database ??

If you are using a blank database just delete the Database create a new on, make it single use and then start restoring.

If you could post a screen shot of the error message and detail the network architecture in use, it’d be easier to pin point a solution that fits your porblem.

You can’t use the database while it is restoring anyway, so let that complete before you try to connect.

also if you are running nas, make sure you stop any services.

And to make it run faster start the client on same box where sql server is running. don’t need to install the client. Just copy the client folder and run finsql.exe

Thanks to your fast answer, but none of them correct my problem.

I try using a new blank database and it doesn’t work if i use single use, i verify that i was alone.

I don’t have any NAS running, i stopped all tasks which could try to connect as backup, maintenance, …

I did a complete backup of database and transaction before processing,

and so on …

i try to use the client on the sqlServer or a distant client computer, and get the same error.

The only way to restore is to put the database in multi-user and it works fine (15 hours to get the 120 Gb database) but it always exists the risk that somebody connect to the database. I also thought to stop distant connection to the sqlserver but other databases exists and i can’t stop the process during 15 hours.

The only way it found was to use the singleUser Mode but i got this error during key reconstruction (reading fbk take 10 hours, key reconstruction begins and i got the error 3 hours later)

The error is : 924,“42000”,[Microsoft][ODBC SQL server driver][SQL SERVER] The database “Test” is already open only one user is allowed at a time.

Remember : if i turn to multi-user Mode it works perfectly.


you can try and set it to restricted mode from SQL SMS. Only admin will be able to login

Are you sure you don’t have another user in the DB? Like a connection from SSMS? It doesn’t have to be a NAV user that’s connected

Thanks for all.

But i didn’t have time to try all these suggestions. It was too long to wait 10 hours to validate them.

I mount a copy of the sql database on another server and securely do the fbk restore. Everything is right now.

Thanks again.

Neat solution. Not ideal, but if it works and solves the problem then its a solution.

Thanks for comeing back and sharing the solution, it may help someone else one day. [Y]