Hi Expert,

  1. after I restored fbk data, the database has same table but second one has 1000000*** number attached with table name. is it correct ?

  2. I got error message like this

15333,“42000”,[Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 10.0][SQL Server]error: The qualified @oldname references a database other than the current database.

How to fix this issue ?

Your restore failed. Create a new empty database and do the restore again.


Thanks a lot, but how to create a new empty DB ?

  1. From SQL management Studio ?

or 2. From NAV-Development ? ( delete company ? I tried sever times, but got same error )

Please let me know more detail.

delete the db from development and create new db again and restore db.

Didn’t you have to create an new empty database in the first place? In order to do the first restore. Just do that again.