Restore of NAV2009 to SQL stops on "Processing Objects"

I am trying to restore a migrated NAV5.0 database to NAV2009 on SQL.

I create the database on SQL and I have run migrate on the NAV5.0 database. Then I have made a backup of the NAV5.0 database and try to restore this backup into NAV2009 in the SQL database.

But the restore stops in a step called “Processing Objects”. I cannot recall this step in the restore process from earlier versions.

I have tried the following with no luck:

  • expanded all database files well beyond the required size

  • restored only objects

Has any of you had the same problem?

Does anybody know what “Processing Objects” means?

Thank you



Welcome to the Dynamics User Group! [<:o)]

Any error message raised? Just stopped?? I guess “Processing Objects” is related to the compilation of the objects for the RTC. If you disable the option “Enable for MS Dynamics NAV Server” (in NAV - File - Database - Alter - Page “Options”), does it work then?


Hi Joerg,

there was no error message. But it seems now that my patience ran out before it finished.

In my last atempt I had restarted the restore before going out to dinner. Now when I come back it has actually finished the restore sucessfully. There was however a message saying “The compiler found errors in 1540 objects during an import or restore”.

So it seems everything was OK. I was just too quick killing the process as I did not know about the RTC object compling during restore.

Thank you for replying.

Best regards


This error is only raised if “Enable for MS Dynamics NAV Server” is set to TRUE and refers to the transformation of the Objects required for RTC.

If you are not using the RTC, you should disable this feature anyway, due to performance reasons.