Restore of data makes duplicate tables??

I have a 3.6 solution i have made some changes (added tables, forms, codeunits and reports), but when i try to restore a basic Cronus back-up it stop on an error… it says you cant add data to the table x when it contains data. This was strange… caz this was an empty database with no company or anything. So i opend the designer and what did i see?? Well, the restore function had added all the tables in a new numberserie that starts on “1000000003 Payment Terms”. I guess you already know that Payment Terms is table 3. So how come that the restore function makes this tables and then gives me headache [:(!] All suggestions or hints will be highly appreciated [:)] Regardas Frode

Well, guess the database wasn’t empty anyway :-). The tables you have in 100000000 area is there because something went wrong with your restore. Most likely you ran out of free database space or another error. This allows you to resume your restore, after expanding your database. So i guess you just need to go to Tools-Restore and let the process continue. If you have further problems, please supply us with the exact error message.

When you’re going to restore a backup onto a database with just objects… well… my recommendation should be exporting the objects, creating a new empty database, restore and after the restore importing back the new objects. (that allows you to import data common to all companies too). If it’s saying that a certain table is already containing data it’s that you were having data on that table… remember that certain tables (the ones set as datapercompany = false) are keeping data no matter if you’re having or not companies created. Delete the data on that table and try to continue the process… Regards,

The error is as following (unfortunatly it is in norwegian): The main problem is that in the norwegian version of attain they have changed the type for accountnumer in 3 tables from code to text 20. This create an error when restoring the backup from a not norwegian version. So i implemented all changes done in the world solution from our customer to a plain norwegian. Then i would asume i could import a standard norwegian cronus dataset… but as you can see this failed. Not sure what i can do to work around this… seems like the only way to make test data is to manualy create em. I only wish there was a way to export data from on single table without making a dataport where you have to put up every single field from the table manualy to the dataportfields… Regards Frode Dahl

Hallo Frode see downloads, Most Popular, Dataport Generator: “Automatic dataport creation, specially useful for import/export of files with great number of fields.” I haven’t tried it, but it might be what you need. Hilsen fra Göteborg Pelle