Restore a Backup

Hallo, I want to restore a Backup of Financials. For the Restore, you need more Database Space then the normal Database use, because Financials needs the space to create the Keys. A secound detail is, that you must search the greatest table in financials (maybe Table 17 with 2,1 GB) and need 1/3 auf the space in the temp direktory on your computer for creating the secoundary keys. Financials create the secoundary keys first on your hardisk und imported it then. If there is not enough Space on your Database, Financials don´t create the secoundary keys automtically. You must start it after the Restore. Now is the question, how many place do you need more then the normal Database, if you want to restore the backup with the complete secondary keys? (May you need 10 %, 20% or 30% more or can you calculate the place?) Background is, that there is a Database of 12 GB with used to 66%. Every Day on the server a Backup is started and onetime on a week this Backup is tested on another Server to restore. Now we need 16 GB for restore the Backup completly. Best regards and thank you for your answer Jan Gehrmann KNK Systemlösungen GmbH PS: Sorry for the badest english! J. Gehrmann KNK Systemlösungen GmbH

please translate and post it in the german forum thank´s

The same problem is actual then you optimizing db. You must have free space equal to size of the bigest table size. The free space is used not only for creating keys, but used for creating table recs. NF commiting rec’s to db only then all recs restored. Restoring db free space size is equal to the bigest optimized table size. If you have the bigest table size 1Gb with optimization 60 %, you need free space more than 600 Mb. Why you not using fdb file backup, in this way you can save your time ?