Restore 2012 database

Hi, I downloaded the AX 2012 Database .bak form and restored it in sqlserver 2008 and when I see the database its status is showing “restoring” for long time and when I right click on it is closing sqlserver management studio.

please can any one tell how to solve/ restore the database.

thank you

Hi Santosh,

I think you are not stop the Ax2012 service before restoring the database.

Actually I did not installed AX 2012(so no service available) and 1st I want to restore the demo data database and then I want to install the AX 2012 will specify that database.

Please try this in Query Analyzer …

Your command should like this ,

   FROM DISK = 'MyDatabase.bak'

It take time but restore problem resolved....


  1. Copy file **.bak to local memory ( c:// drive program files)

  2. Start Sql Server management Studio

3.wright click on databases select on restore database

4.Chick Device radio button and click on path

5.Click on Add select file **.bak click on ok

6 Click Check Box then click on ok

  1. It will be restore