Restarting C/Front

I have a situation where I connect (DBL_INIT(), DBL_OpenDatabase(), etc) to a database via C/Front (CFRONT.DLL not the OCX), do some processing, disconnect (call DBL_EXIT()) and then a little while later I need to reconnect to via C/Front. The problem is the reconnect always fails (on the DBL_INIT()). Any ideas? Is it possible to “restart” C/Front from within an application?

Hi! You have to close the previous connection properly with this commands: DBL_ReleaseAllObjects(); DBL_CloseCompany(); DBL_CloseDatabase(); DBL_DisconnectServer(); [ DBL_Exit(); ] ← only needed if you end the C program, i think Additional it isn’t possible to reinitialize CFront.dll, you should do this ONLY FOR FIRST CONNECT and not for any other reconnects.