Restart service to sycn AOT

Hi All,

i’m using oracle VM to lauch my dynamic ax 2012. Currently i’m facing timing issue for compiling AOT in AX.

it will take more than 1 day to complete it.

Can i restart AX services to sync the AOT?

What do you mean by sync the AOT? Anyway, if the compilation is still running and you stop the AOS, the compilation will stop too.

Hi Imran,

Sync of AOT can be automatically done by the system or else if you want to do manually just right click and then click on Synchronization.Anyway if you restart the AOS automatically complation will stop along with the AOS.I thnik we dont nees to restart our services for synchronization.

  • Krisheed

Hi Martin,

actually i’ve done compile for AOT in dynamic AX, i wonder if i able to shorten the process of synchronization. thanks

Hi Krishneed,

that’s mean i still need to do AOT synchronization. thanks