"Resources and Jobs" Manual for NAV 5


For version 4, jobs and resources were covered by MOC 8358: I see a lot has changed about jobs in version 5 and I’ve been trying to learn the new management on my own, since I could not find any documentation (there’s no similar MOC for version 5).

As far as you know, is there any official documentation for these application areas?

Thank you very much!

Hi Davcic,

I’m not quite sure what MOC is.

But the only documentation I know is available for the new jobs module is the white paper:


Thanks for your reply: the link you provided brings to a file which seems corrupted, but I found a similar one on the Internet: is it a 13 page pdf from January 2007? I hope so!

The link is external, I found it googling NAV jobs technical “white paper”

Thanks again!

BTW: MOC= Microsoft Official Curriculum, they are the official materials delivered by MS to study for their exams.

I’m sorry about that. I have now fixed the link, so that the file can be downloaded again.