Resource Lines on Purchase Orders

Hi There,

We enter Resource Line items on purchase orders (NOT inventory line items). When we receive the purchase order with resource line items, there are no GL postings. When we invoice the purchase order, there are GL postings.

Is this the expected behavior? I would think there should definitely be GL postings when a resource line item is received.

I’m only asking about resources. I’m familiar with the expected cost posting for inventory items. Essentially, my questions is why aren’t there expected cost postings with resource line items?



Hi Steve,

I am not 100% sure, but I think this is the expected behavior:
If you receive items, you want to have a G/L posting since you have goods (with a value) in your warehouse. Your account will be happy to see that a (provisional) posting is made for these goods.

When you post a receipt of a resource, you acknowledge the the delivery of the services. Of course you can argue that at that point, you have a value for “invoices to be received”, but the masterminds of Navision did not think along those lines



This is not a line option for a PO on the GB version (2009, 2013, 2015) so is this a bespoke for your database? Our line options are GL Account, FA, Item, Charge (item).


Thanks Ernst. Luckily my client is OK with the resources not updating GL during receiving. Thanks for the reply.