Resource Groups and sequencing resources within routes (Non R2)

Issue is customer has a simple two step route, each with a resource group which each have two resources within them.

10 Route Step 1

20 Route Step 2

ResGrp1- Resources-Line A, Line B

ResGrp2- Resources-Line A, Line B

The customer wants a specific sequence to occur once MPS has chosen resource based on capacity. Meaning, if Line within Op10 is chosen then Line A of Op 20 must be chosen, so forth for B as well.

I see sequencing and sequence groups in R2 and since this is a process industry, great, but not on R2 at this client.

Is there a chance to use capabilities here? Is there a checkbox or parm we are missing? Best practice suggestions needed here please.

Thanks in advance

I do not believe this is possible, you are sequencing on the operation previous irrelevant to the item on it. Are Line A in ResGrp1 and Line A in ResGroup1 physically different? There is new functionality around scheduling but I have not read anything that would allow this configuration based upon planning scheduling a line in operation 1.

Yes sir, I believe I have exhausted all my possibilities and have not found a vanilla solution. Even with R2 and sequencing it will not respond in this matter. I tried to working around using capabilities, I tried approving routes and not activating either of them (A to A, B to B), but obviously MPS doe not like that. Thinking it will require some coding work. I at least wanted to see if anyone had tried or come across this before admitting defeat.